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In 1998, GSL amended its nature of business to include bulk cash handling, cash counting, collection and delivery, and transportation of cash, valuables and bullion.

Currently GSL delivers a wider range of cash and security related services, and include:

GSL during the period has been able to create physical presence in all the 10 regions. A schedule of current locations is attached. GSL is committed to providing the most advanced cash logistics solutions available.

Differentiated by best-in-class vehicles and equipment and excellent workflow processes, GSL has created the next generation of cash processing-lean, streamlined processes re-engineered from the ground up to eliminate waste, standardize tasks and automate processes for flawless execution and peak efficiency.

GSL cash processing services include:









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GSL seeks to provide a portfolio of security and cash services to existing and potential clients across the country and beyond.

Being a leader in the private security and cash services industry in Ghana, it plans to launch the next generation of services in the security industry and to expand its services beyond Ghana into the West Africa sub-region.

It currently has the largest market share in both the security and cash services industry, an industry which has witnessed phenomenal growth over the last ten to fifteen years.22