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Cost Reduction

Because we are a well-proven security and cash handling service organization, our clients would necessarily benefit from the pass-on effect of our competitive rates.


Service Efficiency

GSL has the excellent hallmark of providing reliable, safe, secure and fully insured service. This is made possible by the skills and expertise of our workforce and the employment of state of the art technology and equipment. Our clients benefit from this efficiency in the delivery of security and cash handling services, which further enhances the productivity of our clients.


Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to support our clients to excite their customers. Our people and processes are therefore designed to relieve our clients from the responsibility of having to think about security risks thereby creating the 'PEACE OF MIND' they deserve. Clients are therefore able to focus their attention and capabilities to providing excellent service to their customers.


GSL continues to provide services which ultimately result in significant benefits to the client.

GSL Cash Processing supercharges your cash operations with benefits that boost performance.







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GSL seeks to provide a portfolio of security and cash services to existing and potential clients across the country and beyond.

Being a leader in the private security and cash services industry in Ghana, it plans to launch the next generation of services in the security industry and to expand its services beyond Ghana into the West Africa sub-region.

It currently has the largest market share in both the security and cash services industry, an industry which has witnessed phenomenal growth over the last ten to fifteen years.22